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the existant religion and the ideal religion

As far as I know, every major religion we have on this world has had a rather long age behind it. Islam, the youngest major religion, is around 1300 years old.  Because of that it can be understood easily that these religion have rather ancient fundamentals at their base. To say that religions are outdated doesn't mean all too much though. Sokrates and Aristotle are aged philosophies too, but they are not necessarily outdated.

What I critisize about religion is that there is evil in their doctrines and practices for which nobody takes responsibility. The religious people themselves just say that they are simply following God's will. It reminds me to the lucicruous saying of the wife beater, "beating you hurts me more than it hurts you". Whatever God commands is considered holy in the end, no matter what it is, it just matters that it's in the bible somewhere. There is no going by conscience, there is only a going by the bible and maybe by additional church rules.

This is the existant religion. I can conceive of an ideal religion that would do differently, where God would not reveal His will in Moses' way and where those who are of good will have a deity that is actually a true paragon and reasonable leader through life. Where it's not so much about humility, submission, self-chastisement and self-blaming (from humility, not from truth) but instead about simple respect and kindness. 

Christianity and Islam teach human depravity not from truth but from dogma. Sure many people do evil things. But in the big picture, in detail and overall, man is not as depraved as the biblical analysis makes it out to be. When I walk through my city I am never assaulted by anyone. Nobody is greedy for my money. The last time I was beaten was in elementary school in a kids' brawl. Neither me nor others I know have any inclination to abuse someone sexually. People don't always speak the truth, but I can't say their throats are an "open grave". 

 An ideal religion would have to confirm humanity's honor. It would have to confirm a human honor that exists even apart of God's doing - if that honor is supposed to be worth anything. Instead of downgrading man to a slave things should be about liberating man and making him able to go through life uprightly and happily.

The love for God that religion teaches has become a veil for evil. Because in our religions, the love for man is sacrificed by the love for God. Love for God is more about a loyalty here that a slave must have for his master. I am not actually supposed to rejoice in God's love and act as if his love is real. As soon as I want to give that very same love to someone else, it is hindered by a multitude of spiritual rules. When I want to love the heathen, I must convert him. When I want to love the homosexual, I must get him away from his sin. When I want to love myself, then only in my being a created being and a child of God, not because I can actually be worth something to myself. God is not the unfathomable phenomenon anymore. The transcendent impulse from nowhere and from the sky. The loving majesty that judges rightly and gathers praise because He deals fairly with us. 

If we go by the biblical record, God is not praiseworthy. God does not act like a paragon in the bible, and His deeds are not inspiring. And when I strip the bible from its atrocities and declare that they have not been in the will of God, then I have no testimony of God's actions anymore. Because the testimony of the biblical God is only in the book, not in life. I have only very rarely encountered any so-called extrabiblical evidence for God's intervention in this life that survived serious scrutiny. It IS possible to have some beliefs in God that are not inspired from the bible. Because, it makes sense to believe in order rather than in chaos. It makes sense to believe in a created world rather than in a world that came up randomly. It makes sense to believe in a goodness of the creative God because so many of his creations are good and beautiful. But there is no way to observe God doing something. There is no way to observe the biblical God do something. I can only posit a content of belief, and that was it. I can profess faith, but tomorrow is the same as yesterday ... or I pretend to myself that something happened and become the unconscious creator of my own religion. Evidence for God has beome a look into the bible. I don't have to justify my belief in God - it's in the book, and that's enough justification - is what THEY are saying, but it ain't so.


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